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Highly Efficient Litigation

Modern strategies to rapidly resolve your biggest disputes.

Los Angeles Trial Lawyers

Mancini Shenk LLP is a premier Los Angeles law firm specializing in litigation and trial services for individuals and businesses. We are modern, efficient lawyers who provide expertise across many industries. From cannabis investment and shareholder litigation to business divorce and hush hush alternative dispute resolution, it is our mission to solve your most difficult problems.

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Litigation and Arbitration Services

We tailor custom, efficient solutions to your biggest disputes and work tirelessly to end them. We aggressively pursue solutions to your problems, and if that fails we are merciless at trial. We specialize in the following areas of litigation:


Business Litigation

From finance to manufacturing, and from breach of contract to outright fraud, we represent successful businesses in their most important disputes.

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Cannabis Litigation

We provide cutting edge litigation for cannabis investors and businesses. Whether you need to protect your investment, get rid of a bad partner, or defend your business, we have experience solving your problem.

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Shareholder & Derivative Litigation

We are experts in enforcing investor protections and protecting good businesses from malicious shareholders.

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Entertainment Litigation

We litigate entertainment disputes arising from film, television, music, sports, and more. From right of publicity and defamation litigation to contract and film accounting disputes, we represent clients across the entertainment industry.

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Investigations & White Collar Defense

We understand that government investigations can place you and your business in peril. We reliably identify problems and resolve government actions before they escalate out of control.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We regularly litigate in arbitration and obtain beneficial settlements through mediation.

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