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Shareholder & Derivative Litigation

Protecting investors and good businesses.

Investors place enormous trust in managers, owners, officers and directors, and businesses place considerable trust in investors. When that trust breaks down the problems can be intimidating, complex, and hostile, and the solutions can be difficult to perceive. We are prepared to carry that burden and put the pieces together.

Investor Protection & Recovery

Investors and shareholders enjoy legal protections against self-dealing, shareholder oppression, usurpation of company opportunities by management, and waste of company assets. In short, management are not allowed to benefit themselves to the detriment of the company or its shareholders. If they do, they deserve to be sued. We specialize in protecting investors from company malfeasance by suing bad companies and their management in order to recover investors’ losses.

Derivative Litigation

While investors always have the right to protect their own interests, they also have the extraordinary right to bring an action against a company in order to force it to take prudent steps its management refuses to take. For example, if management of a company is hopelessly conflicted, refuses to stop wasting assets by overpaying themselves, or insists upon continually harming the company, then shareholders can bring suit to force the company to override bad management and protect itself. This is called a derivative suit. Derivative litigation is a highly specialized area of law, requiring real expertise. Where appropriate, we are prepared to protect and prove damages to companies through derivative litigation.

Managers, Officers & Directors

Once a lawsuit is threatened or filed, the duties of managers, officers, and directors can be dizzying in their complexity. Management involved in litigation needs technically adept representation. Often, different managers, officers, and directors need their own lawyers, which only expands legal difficulties. We are prepared to defend good management and good companies from frivolous strike suits and other litigation.

Litigation Services

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