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Alternative Dispute Resolution

High stakes arbitration and private mediation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) generally refers to mediation and arbitration. Mediation is a non-binding private proceeding designed to encourage litigants to reach an agreement that ends their litigation. Arbitration is private litigation that is usually faster than courthouse litigation. Both can be appropriate in all kinds of different litigation.


Mediation is supposed to settle cases, and most cases settle. In fact, profitable settlements make up the vast majority of a successful trial lawyers’ results.

We never forget that cost and risk are reduced by settlement. Our clients are routinely thrilled with settlements crafted at mediation by our litigators. Plus, mediation is a privileged, confidential forum where the strengths and weaknesses of cases are explored by experienced neutral lawyers or former Judges. It is a great way to get a fresh look at a case, gauge risk and advantage, and close the book on draining litigation.

Our commitment to solving problems makes us regulars before the most prominent mediators in Los Angeles. Our first-hand experience with many of the best mediators in Los Angeles allows us to suggest a pool of mediators we trust to tell it like it is, understand the case, and collaborate in crafting positive solutions.


The opposite of non-binding mediation, arbitration usually commences because the parties agreed they would fight away from the public eye. Arbitration is a binding private proceeding that takes place before an appointed lawyer or retired Judge, instead of a jury. If a dispute is high value but needs to be kept quiet, arbitration is the preferred forum. In many business disputes arbitration is the only available forum because the litigants agreed to arbitrate their disputes long before they disagreed.

We are experts in the procedural and substantive nuances of arbitration. Arbitration is usually quicker than courthouse litigation, but that is partly because discovery is sharply restricted. Arbitration also affords litigants a dedicated decision-maker with the time and resources that civil courts often lack because of busy dockets and inadequate budgets.  As with mediation, we are regulars before the most reputable arbitration providers in Southern California.

From the selection of the arbitrator to enforcing an arbitration judgment in your favor, we offer comprehensive advocacy in arbitration.


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