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Business Litigation

Complex expertise for complex problems.

Our attorneys represent private individuals, local businesses, exciting start-ups, large investors, internationally recognized businesses, and everyone and everything in between in high stakes disputes arising from breaches of contract, unfair competition, souring partnerships, and outright fraud. We specialize in the following areas:

Business Divorce

We understand that businesses and partnerships change. These changes sometimes lead to separation, and separation is legally complicated. Whether your separation is acrimonious or amicable, you need to protect your interests. Our attorneys fiercely defend their clients’ rights and assets to ensure their clients emerge from business divorce with freedom, assets, and a bright future. 

Contract Disputes

Business is governed by contracts, some as simple as handshakes and others hundreds of pages long. When contracts are not performed or businesses disagree about contract terms our attorneys leap into action to ensure maximum benefit for our clients. 

Misrepresentation & Fraud

We have deep experience recovering real assets for clients who entered business deals only to find out they were lied to by the other side. These cases are especially vicious, and it can be more important to move fast than it is to plod through standard litigation. We stand ready to start, and finish, these fights.

Non-Compete & Trade Secret

As technology brings the world closer together, protecting trade secrets and preventing business partners from leaving to compete with one another are increasingly important areas of litigation. We are experts in protecting trade secrets and aggressively litigating disputes over who is allowed to conduct business in the same marketplace. 

Unfair Competition & Business Torts

Disputes involving trademark and copyright infringement, misrepresentations, theft of intellectual property, false advertising, fraud, price fixing, and other bad conduct usually require complicated unfair competition litigation under California Business & Professions Code § 17200. We are veteran unfair competition litigators who regularly bring and defend unfair competition cases. 

Litigation Services

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