Our Litigation Areas

We focus on solving your problems, so we tailor our solutions to your needs. If your budget doesn’t allow you to scorch the earth, we fashion a scalpel and get to work.


Business Litigation

Our attorneys represent esteemed backgrounds in the entertainment industry, multi-state and multinational business, and federal and California state regulatory law.

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Cannabis Litigation

We provide cutting edge litigation to cannabis investors and businesses. Whether you need cannabis investment recovery, resolution of an ownership dispute, or protection from investors, we have experience solving your problem.

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Shareholder and Derivative Litigation

When shareholders and corporate managers don’t see eye to eye on the most profitable way to steward a business, it is often necessary to bring in outside counsel to resolve disputes and ensure shareholders are compensated fairly.

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Entertainment Litigation

We litigate entertainment disputes arising from film & television, music, sports, and more. From right of publicity and defamation litigation to contract and film accounting disputes, we represent clients across the entertainment industry.

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Investigations and White Collar Litigation

We will skillfully negotiate and litigate, when necessary, to defend our clients’ reputations and privacy and recoup any financial losses resulting from exploitation, appropriation, or misrepresentation.

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Alternative Dispute Litigation

We regularly litigate matters in arbitration and aggressively seek beneficial settlements through mediation.

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